Here is what some professionals and clients of ours have to say about the work of our Executive Director/Administrator and the Casa de Sincero team:

“As a mental health clinician and case manager for Contra Costa County, CA, I have had the opportunity to know and work closely with Ms. Jackie Brown, the director of Sincere for approximately the past eight years. She provides not only the standard shelter and food, but is greatly involved in her clients’ care. She is readily available and collaborative with medical providers, case managers, parents, family and significant others to work together to support our clients in their goals for recovery. This includes encouraging clients to attend programs in the community and groups at our clinic and assisting them with learning to do so. She also recognizes the need for clients to have a positive daily structure and provides this with classes promoting activities of daily living such as cooking, personal hygiene instruction and recreational and socialization functions throughout the week. Finally, she has been there for clients as they go through their personal struggles, which have involved major life crises including coping with life threatening illness. In essence Ms. Brown and Sincere staff go the extra mile.”

– Eugene Kaiser, LMFT
Mental Health Clinical Specialist
Contra Costa Health Services

“I lived at Sincere for over two years. I moved here after completing a drug rehab program. Sincere helped me transition from a restricted living environment to a more open environment. It has taught me how to manage my day-to-day life as well as helping me cope with my drug addiction and mental health. Sincere provides a safe environment for all it’s clients as well as guidance for those who wish to transition out and live on their own. My life would not be the same if I did not have Sincere and it’s staff.”

– Chia Chen

“I live in the Sincere home. I am diagnosed as borderline schizoaffective, have bipolar disorder, and was homeless. Jackie Brown considered me to be in her home. There is breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and I can even do credit and buy cigarettes and manage my money, while I return to school and put my life back in order.”

– Tajahnae McClad

“I came here after finishing trade school. I didn’t have any place to go. My case manager told me about Jackie Brown and the home she runs. We met and she accepted me into her home. Jackie really cares about us as people, not just her clients. This is a family oriented place. Jackie and her staff has helped me with job applications, job interviews, cooking skills and even helped me get a car. I am grateful to be a part of the Sincere family.”

– Kevin Powell