Casa de Sincero, Inc.

Sincere Residential Services Program

We currently operate the Sincere Residential Services housing and wellness program in Antioch, California. This program provides safe, secure housing in a co-ed home for both men and women living with mental disabilities. While participating in our program, we make sure that all consumers are medication compliant.


Potential participants in our program must be ambulatory, exhibit no aggressive behavior toward others, and be capable of performing basic tasks required to care for themselves such as grooming and bathing. In addition to providing housing, our program teaches participants best practices for personal hygiene, how to clean their living spaces, how to wash their laundry, and how to cook, among other skills.


Our Antioch group home includes 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining room, family room, and spacious back yard. It is located minutes away from a multitude of recreational opportunities.


For more information please call or text Jacqueline Brown, Administrator, at (925) 595-7151 or contact via email: