Casa de Sincero, Inc.

About Us

Our Mission

To support and advocate for the well-being of our mentally disabled community.

Casa de Sincero, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that teaches and enables adults with mental health disabilities to live independent lives. Based in Antioch, California, we currently serve consumers in Contra Costa County through our Sincere Residential Services housing and wellness program. Our long-term vision is to expand our care to clients throughout the Bay Area, state of California and beyond.


Our approach is friendly, structured, and flexible, focusing on enhancing the social skills, recreational opportunities, and daily living skills of consumers so that they are able to contribute to society. We teach our clients how to be safe inside and outside of the home, including methods of personal hygiene and grooming, as well as how to cook and clean. We also work to increase the public’s positive perceptions of persons with mental health disabilities.